The Cultural Problem Of The Cultural Anthropologist By Francis L. K. Hsu Critical Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… K. Hsu writes on the importance of contextual anthropology, his work is a critique of Malinowski’s ethnographic anthropological research. The ideas of ethnocentrism and objectifying individuals is commonly referred to in relation to colonization. Ethnocentrism is the belief that ones culture is superior to that of another, a common mindset of colonizing nations. In colonial periods, industrialized European nations had ethnocentric views of the rest of the world, and began the occupation, exploitation, and domination of countries across the globe. These European colonies were an economic exploitation of colonized populations for financial gains and political prowess. Hsu claims that there exists a positive and neutral ethnocentrism, and that all social groups have ethnocentric views to some degree. He claims, “Neutral ethnocentrists tend to have no desire to change the ways of those whom they see as inferior or wrong” (Hsu 1979: 522). Aime Cesaire’s notion of “thingification” comes into account when a subjugated population is under oppression by a colonizing force. The term “thingification” was used in the dehumanization of colonized peoples’; by objectify the populations and labeling the people as objects. In Edward Said’s Discourse on Colonialism, the “Other” and the differences between the “Orient” and the “Occident” characterize his theory of colonial discourse. The former representing colonized …show more content…
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