The Cultural Meaning Of Suicide Essay

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The Cultural Meaning of Suicide: What Does That Mean addresses the differences in a culture view on suicide. Suicide is viewed as a worldwide phenomenon and that one culture view on suicide behavior can be interchangeable with another’s. For instance, martyrs and suicides could be the same the only difference is the perspective of the individual viewing the act. As suicide bombers are martyrs in many Muslim nations instead of what the name suggests. There needs to be more research into the view on how culture brings the about how suicide is seen.
1. What did you think of the article? How did the article relate to topics presented in the textbook?
The article was very interesting in the way that suicide is viewed in the different regions of the world. The suggestion on the three motives for suicide are the desires to escape, desire for self-punishment, and the desire to cause pain to others. As further research was made the identification of five subtypes emerge are escapist, confused, aggressive, alienated, and self-esteem (Lester, 2011). Also, was interested that the Japanese do not categorize every suicide for the reason of the act. Arises the question of whether other countries do it as well and whether they know the answer if there is no note that addresses the cause.
The textbook does address suicide as individuals who make an intentional, direct, and a conscious effort to end their life. Also, defines four types of suicidal seekers death seekers individual with…

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