The Cultural Influences On Education Essay

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Australia is made up of a large range of cultures and seen as a linguistically diverse population. The variety of cultures within the Australia society means it consists of a plethora of views, values and beliefs. This has a huge impact towards our educational system. The importance of the role culture plays, within the framing of education, is becoming increasingly recognised. To become aware of the influences culture has towards education is necessary in order to provide everyone with an equal opportunity for success. This essay will reflect on the cultural influences on education. The challenges children and families, from culturally diverse backgrounds may endure. It will discuss the approaches towards education and diversity, as well as the cultural assumptions and beliefs towards education.

To begin with, let’s look at Australia’s population. It includes a wide variety of cultures. Although the majority of the population was born here, we must consider those who were not. People who were born in another country or had a parent born outside of Australia, make up a large 44 per cent of the Australian population, as seen in Lawrence, Brooker and Goodnow (2012, p. 75). This amount provides us with awareness to the fact that incorporated into Australia’s society is a variety of cultures, languages, values and beliefs. Due to an increased multicultural society, most people do not have a single cultural identity. In accordance with Lawrence et al (2012), identifying with…

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