The Cultural Images Of Men And Women Essay

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There are many possible things that people could learn in a single lifetime; be it how to fly an airplane, learning a new language, planting a garden, proper etiquette when dining with the Queen, how to raise a bear cub, navigating the trials of marriage, running for President, or becoming an Olympic athlete. Despite all of these things being goals that some people may have, most people neglect to see that while we grow up, and while we mature into adults, that we are constantly learning the art of becoming our designated gender. That is, how to be a male or how to be a female.
We learn to become our gender through parents, peers, religions, television, the internet, and even the advertisements that are thrown in our faces each and every day. These are some of the biggest sources of gender socialization that a young person encounters. I set out to find the way people are told to act their gender through the cultural images of men and women-in advertisements. While doing this, I discovered that the women are most definitely not modeled in ways that show their true strengths, their intelligence, their determination, and their willpower; instead, to be a woman in modern advertising means to be gentle, longed for, objectified, and weak. She is often modeled wearing clothes that barely cover her most private body parts and when she is fully clothed, she’s made to look like she’s less than human and more like a robot.
The women in these advertisements are modeled into telling a…

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