The, Cultural Identity, And The Standpoint Theory Essay

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This semester has been interesting learning new things. At first, I felt like I was in economics. Each week brought a better understanding. Now that I have a better concept of intercultural communications, I understand politics, economics, and social factors better.
In the first module I learned about positionality, cultural identity, and the Standpoint Theory in the beginning of the semester. It took a while to understand the whole concept of globalization. Positionality consists of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and nationality (Underhill). My cultural identity is a situated sense of self that is shaped by my cultural experiences and social location (Sorrells). The Standpoint Theory is a place from which to view and make sense of the world (Boegh, n.d.).
Americanization was a big focus. Sports are dominant in the U.S. Americanization of sports in other societies involves cultural colonization (Klein, Yiannakis, & Melnick, 2001). Americanization can be dated back to the 1920s in Japan through Disney (Franz & Smulyan, p. 419). Body politics were defined as practices and policies through which power is marked, regulated and negotiated on and through the body (Sorrells). In the video “Intersectionality” (Caufield, n.d.) racism is a feminine issue. Statistics (EEOC, n.d.) show that racisms has increased while gender discrimination has been steady. Hybridity is just simple evolution; however, evolution is a very long process. All of the immigration to…

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