The Cultural Frame Of Same Sex Marriage And Its Impact On Their Lives

1183 Words Feb 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Discussion/Conclusion: My findings suggest that heterogeneous cultural frames exist among black LGBTs in making sense of same-sex marriage and its impact on their lives. In general, black LGBTs attitudes toward marriage mirror their white and heterosexual peers. Previous studies have shown that women in general value marriage more than men for economic reasons (citations), singles are less likely to see marriage as an important life event than their partnered counterparts (citation), and individuals with higher educational attainment are less likely to prioritize marriage as an important life event (citation). However, the fact that black LGBTs who prioritize their racial identity over sexual identity in importance do not consider same-sex marriage to be an important event pertaining to their own lives shows that racialized frame of same-sex marriage—stemming from homophobia so prevalent among black racial communities—may deter this population from getting married. Interestingly, this racialized frame seems to lose value when the collective LGBT identity is invoked in an individual through experiences of discrimination in the racial community due to their LGBT status and/or identity, which makes their marginalized LGBT identity become more salient. This finding not only shows the heterogeneity of cultural frames regarding same-sex marriage among black LGBTs, but also suggests that the dominance of a particular frame is invoked based on shifting (collective) identity…

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