Essay about The Cultural Factors That Affect Healthcare

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Healthcare sensitivity towards those with different cultural factors is very important. Some foreign populations can become very angry and disappointed when they think that their healthcare provider is not giving them the proper care, in their mind or is not taking the time to understand their beliefs that may affect the care given. The unique cultural values, beliefs, and practices of Korean Americans can affect healthcare, as well as, any biological factors that can influence healthcare provided to Korean Americans. Korean Americans will usually use their traditional medicine alongside of Western medicine (Kim, Kim, & Duong, 2002). Hanbang, is the traditional Korean medicine; it is very much an integral part of their culture, whether they live in Korea or elsewhere (Kim et al., 2002). There are four Hanbang treatment methods that are most used: ch’im (or acupuncture), hanyak (or traditional herbal medicine), d’um (or moxibustian), or buhwang (cupping). These methods can be practiced within their own home or with hanui, which is a traditional Korean physician (Kim et al., 2002). Also, in Korean medicine, health is seen as a state of environmental, social, and physical harmony that is best expressed as um and yang. Disease results from deficiency or excess of vital energy, ki, that causes an imbalance of um and yang (Kim et al., 2002). “The treatment is designed to heal the whole person by balancing the two forces” (Kim et al., 2002, p. 111) Care provided from hanui is…

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