The Cultural Dimensions Of Indonesia Essay

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Indonesia is part of Southern Asia culture cluster which holds values in strong family connections and a deep concern for their communities. (West,2016) Provided is a picture that shows the overall cluster’s societal practices and values. “For the overall cluster’s societal practices are high on group collectivism (5.87), power distance (5.39), and humane orientation (4.72) and low on gender egalitarianism (3.28). The other cultural dimensions are rated in the mid-range, around an average of 4. -- As for societal values, the cluster rates high on performance orientation (5.99), future orientation (5.86), group collectivism (5.77), and humane orientation (5.32). It scores very low on power distance (2.78).” (Gupta , Surie , Javidan , & Chhokar, 2002) This means that “the cluster is distinguished as highly group oriented, humane, male dominated, and hierarchical.” (Gupta , Surie , Javidan , & Chhokar, 2002). Although it still “is important to note that while the cluster scores reflect an overall picture, they do mask potential country differences.” (Gupta , Surie , Javidan , & Chhokar, 2002). Table 2 of the Journal of World Business, in terms of societal practices in comparison to the cluster’s, Indonesia is very average throughout the board with uncertainty avoidance (4.17), future orientation (3.86), power distance (5.18), institutnal collectivism (4.54), human orientation (4.69), performance orientation (4.41), group and family collectivism (5.68), gender eegalitarianism…

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