The Cultural Diffusion Of America Essay

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America embodies ideas of opportunity, freedom, and a land of promise. America promotes these values and ideas because it creates a strong and unified country, and the success of American values has influenced other cultures to follow. America is one of the world’s leading superpowers which makes people either aspire to be like Americans or fear and fight them. This leads into the significance of perspectives because some outside areas may envision America as glorious and what to be like them or as a force they must oppose and rebel against. Judgements on America are based on the values/beliefs of the given culture. This is why perspectives matter; in order to uncover the truth about history, we can’t genuinely understand it without viewing all bias positions.

The U.S. has participated in globalization and the spread of their culture worldwide, benefiting them as their ideas and values are adopted by various people with separate beliefs. This cultural diffusion is depicted throughout many different countries, one of which is Japan. For example, K. Annabelle Smith, an American writer for the Smithsonian, strongly believes that American popular culture has spread even if the area it is spread to doesn’t believe in the same things as the U.S. For instance, “only one percent of the Japanese population is estimated to be Christian - yet a bucket of ‘Christmas Chicken’ is the go-to meal” (Smith). This marketing campaign in 1974 shows how much people truly dive into the…

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