The Cultural Background Of The American Culture Essay

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In my Mexican culture they used animals in their daily life. Animals like donkeys and horses are used to carry maize, wood, water and even people to different locations within their city. Without them many of these people would need to take several trips on foot to gather the materials needed and travel on uneven dirt paths or mountains that are dangerous. In many aspects of the world there are different cultures that progressed over time. In the Creation stories from around the world the myths are from religious views and cultural background. They all have a way of telling individuals how the earth was created and how we came to be in the world. Animals showed the humans how to work together to form a better community, give us survival skills and companionship.
The theme of teamwork is seen by animal’s showing humans to work together. Wild animals are seen cooperating with different species by working together to protect themselves from predators and search for food. In the Hopi myth humans needed to live with the ants in three different occasions because they weren’t able to work with each other on earth and create a peaceful place like their creator wanted. The Hopi indicated, “these people went down and lived with the ants…who had storerooms of food that they had gathered in the summers, as well as chambers in which the people live” (Creation Stories World 2). Each time the world was destroyed it made it difficult to live off the new world, “life here would be harder,…

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