The Cultural Aspects Of The Maya Women Essay

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Astou sow


The culture in Guatemala between gender is very diverse. The cultural aspects of the Maya women have differed from when they live in the US. I am going to be talking about the different lifestyle between Guatemalan women in the US and back home. The women 's task changes in various ways because of the American way of life, food, technology and education all of these things affects immigrant Maya women. The undocumented immigrant women have a harder time having freedom in the US because the way they live have changed. I will be showing examples of the two women 's lives and how it differs and which is better. In Guatemala Men and women perform separate but equal tasks. Man aren 't the only ones to provide food for the family. In Guatemala, women work in the field like men, and a lot of women own a clothing business by sewing garments that are traditionally worn in Guatemala with very fine embroidery.The roles change once a woman is left alone to care for the home, and not only men migrate to the US, but women do it also. It is a custom that is done by many Guatemalans, and it’s a great way to earn their money. Males and females both produce agricultural food and the women process the food products of the field to make it edible. The women 's role in this culture is crucial, and it is not just about being able to have children. Textiles were an important part of ancient Mayan life, and while it is not known whether all women produced textiles,…

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