Essay on The Cultural Aspects Of Oaxaca, Mexico

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This is a title-one school serving more than 400 students. The school serves students with disabilities (31%) and English language learners (6%). The dominating ethnicities are Black or African American (51%) and Hispanic or Latino (40%). This is a third-grade classroom with 28 students between the ages of seven through eight. There are 15 boys and 13 girls. The native language of the English language learners is Spanish. Two students came from Mexico and this is their first year in the American public school system. There are two teachers in the classroom, one that specializes in special-education and the other in elementary-education. The students in the classroom learn best through logical/mathematical, verbal/linguistic, bodily/kinesthetic, and interpersonal activities. Most of the students in the classroom are visual learners. Therefore, organizers, timelines, and artistic activities benefit their learning the best. The purpose of this unit is for students to learn about the cultural aspects of Oaxaca, Mexico. This is relevant to students because we might all have different beliefs and opinions but we should learn about other cultures because it teaches students to respect different individual and it prevents students from being prejudice to a certain ethnic group. The exchange of culture is the exchange of knowledge. It is important for students to learn about different cultures because it increase their global awareness. In addition, they will develop an…

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