The Cultural And Spiritual Sensitivity Of Nursing Essay

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Healthcare providers are called upon to care for individuals from different cultural and religious backgrounds, having an understanding of various belief systems is important to be effective in doing so. Christianity is familiar to most individuals who were raised in the United States. The holidays and popular culture reflects the traditional Christian customs and beliefs. For patients that have a different religious orientation there are important aspects to their spiritual and emotional wellbeing that are not as widely known. An example is the Hindu faith common in India. It is an ancient polytheistic religion stemming from the Indian culture that extends approximately 5,000 years into the past (Mullatti, 1995). Comparing and contrasting Hinduism and Christianity is valuable for increasing the cultural and spiritual sensitivity of nursing.
What is Prime Reality?
Prime Reality from a Christian perspective is the creator, God, ruler of all. He is triune consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is all powerful, all knowing and ever present. A Christian must accept salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to be saved and enjoy eternal life in heaven with God (Isaiah 57:15, John 3:16).
In Hinduism God exists in many forms as Gods and also in humans, animals and natural forces. The many souls merge into a universal cosmic force seen as the Universal Soul (Mullatti,1995).
What is the Nature of the World Around us?

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