Essay on The Cultural And General Definition Of The Word Friend

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It is known that humans are a social species. People interact with each other during almost every moment of a person’s life. In a lot of places such as at work with their boss and their coworkers, or when they go to the gym, there they will interact with the receptionist, their trainer and people that also working out. Some of the most important people that humans will interact with during their lives are friends. They are people that have a good relationship with others. The cultural and general definition of the word friend is a person that likes another’s personality and spends time with them. Not everybody that can be considered a friend will be willing to help when a bad moment arrives. Every person gives the word its own definition and meaning. A true friend will care about the other in every moment and will always be available when needed. Is also a person who cares about the other because and would not want them to be in any danger. Friends are people in whom other people trust and they can tell them whatever is happening in their lives without doubt. A true friend is somebody that will always be willing to help the others without even thinking about it. True friends are people that really care about the others and are always available when needed.
A true friend is a person that really cares about his friend. They will always do everything that is possible to protect the other and prevent him of suffering any type of pain. People that are considered true friends…

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