The Cultivation And Enumeration Of A Bacteriophage Essay example

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Introduction The cultivation and enumeration of a bacteriophage is a vital component of microbiology. Bacteriophages are used for a number of scientific applications, including the decontamination of food products, human therapy, and much more, thus it is critical to determine the concentration of the bacteriophage in a solution. Doing so allows scientists to determine bacteriophage potency, side effects, and minimal effective doses for clinical applications (Andersen et al., 2011). This experiment allows scientists to estimate the number of bacteria present in a tube of T2 bacteriophage which will infect Escherichia coli strain B (E. coli). The results can be used to determine how effective the T2 bacteriophage is in halting the growth of this virus, thus assisting in treating cases of E. coli and preventing E. coli growth on various foods. Bacteriophages are viruses which infect bacteria. In the 1920s and 1930s, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union began to utilize phages to treat bacterial infections, realizing that they had the potential to kill harmful viruses. Though the use of bacteriophages to treat infections has diminished since the creation of antibiotics, antibiotic resistant illnesses are causing scientists to begin reexamining the potential medical applications for phages. In addition to their usefulness in the healthcare industry, bacteriophages are also known for their ability to kill pathogens on foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.…

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