The Cult Of Ethnicity By Arthur M. 't Essay

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Writing About Writing Authors write for different reasons, at times it is to inform the reader on a particular or several subjects, others it is to persuade the reader on a particular opinion. It does not matter which reason the writer is using to convey their opinion, a few things must remain true. The Author must be able to show his conviction, while remaining subjective and must be able to address their subject to their audience. Author Arthur M. Schlesinger, in his essay, “The Cult of Ethnicity” tries to convey his thoughts on the racial convictions we as people have towards each other and how that affects our society positively or negatively. He does a great job in creating a neutral atmosphere throughout his essay. The beginning of his essay uses a tone of complacently and admiration for what he is talking about, yet when the subject turns to a negative example he changes the negative to a positive example trying to remain neutral. The middle of his essay he starts to show us his true conviction slow showing us how he feels about ethnic separatism, by tearing down the positive examples and giving more negative examples. He gives us his true view on the subject towards the end of the middle of his essay. Once he is reaching his conclusion he’s gives us a look in his outlook for this subject. The change that he hopes will happen to the racial separation of the United States and hopes that the original intent of the country will be found once again. In Schlesinger’s…

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