The Cult Of Domesticity Of Women Essay

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The cult of domesticity is what defined a true woman in the mid to late 1800’s. With this mindset of true womanhood, a lady was expected to be pious, pure, domestic, and submissive. Piety was an important quality for a woman to have, because she was supposed to be the spiritual leader of the family. A woman’s purpose, as far as piety went, was to bring her husband back to God. Next, a woman was to be pure. The main point of purity was for a woman to stay faithful to her husband sexually, but it could also include women abstaining from promiscuity, gambling, drinking, and the like. Instead, a woman would be cheerful, kind, and motherly. After purity came domesticity, meaning that a woman’s job was to raise the children, cook the food, clean the house, wash the laundry, scrub the dishes, and do the many other house chores while her husband worked to make the money. Since women did not often work for money, she was the one left to do the house chores, and it was expected of her. Not only that, but they were expected to enjoy it. The last aspect of the cult of domesticity was submission, meaning that a woman was to be dependent on her husband. She was to obey the will of her father or husband, and then live a companionate marriage with her husband when she married. This was meant to increase the romance in a relationship. A man was allowed to feel manly, because he would provide, and his wife could adoringly look up to him for it. Some people alive today, namely elderly women,…

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