Essay about The Cult Is Not Simple

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Every year thousands of teens are lured into cults. Teens don’t actually join a cult. It’s a religious movement or a political organization. These groups reach out to feelings of isolation or anxiety, where many teens struggle. As time passes the group its true nature, the teens are unwittily trapped and often cannot get out on their own.
“In many ways the history of America was shaped by the actions of groups that could legitimacy be defined as cults.” The Separatists from the Mayflower, the Quakers, and the Amish are three such groups. Since the Puritans landed, America has been a breeding ground for new religions, hundreds, with some such as Mormonism and Christian Science having lasting success.
Defining a cult is not simple. A cult has certain characteristics which can be used to identify it. The group of people is generally small, large cults may reach into the thousands. The group focuses on a set of beliefs or a leader, normally both, the beliefs of the group and or leader supersede any other beliefs. The groups are generally isolated from society, they are commonly apocalyptic and millennial. The leaders are seem as having some supernatural ability, such as wisdom beyond normal men. They center the core beliefs of the group around the world events, twist things to match their views. The world is about to change and current events point to this when reinterpreted by the leaders to the group. Most cults do not last as long as their leaders and disband, some…

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