The Culprit Behind Shylock 's Demise Essay

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The Culprit Behind Shylock’s Demise The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare has one character that has a large contribution to the play, that character is Jessica. Jessica is the most important character in regard to Shylock’s folly. This is because she is the primary initiate of his anger towards Antonio. She runs away with Lorenzo and takes a large sum of her father’s goods. She also converts to Christianity because Lorenzo is a Christian. This all happens with the help of Antonio’s associates (Gratiano, Salerio, and Salanio). Shakespeare included Jessica because she was key to plot development and character development. Her actions affected all of the characters in the play in one way or another, so she is arguably the most influential character in the play. This play contains a series of stories that perfectly wrap into one. These are Antonio and Shylock’s bond, Portia’s intricate marriage ritual and her eventual relationship with Bassanio and Lorenzo and Jessica’s eloping. The final aspect that Jessica adds to this play is a foolish, juvenile archetype. Even though Lorenzo and Jessica’s section may not have gotten the most lines in the play, it was definitely a vital aspect to the play. At the end of Act Two, Scene 5, Jessica says “Farewell, and if my fortune be not cross’d, I have a father, you a daughter, lost.” This line is a clear hint to Shylock that she will be running away, although, he is unaware of that and pays no attention to it. She takes a large…

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