The Cuban Revolution Of Cuba Essay

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Propaganda project
As one is walking through an outdoor market your eye is drawn to a colorful poster. It is a sunny day in the poster, with beautiful azure, calm, waters and a white sandy beach. There are a populist of people on the beach. To the eye of the beholder, you would purchase this poster for the right price, frame the poster, and hang it in a family room. It would not enter your mind that this is a propaganda poster used to give hope for a better life for men, women, and children. This poster accurately depicts the events as they occurred leading up to the occupation of Cuba by Fidel Castro and his freedom fighters. In order to better understand the propaganda poster it is necessary to know the historical significance and the main characters in the Cuban revolution.
The driver of all discourse in Cuba was one “Ruben Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar was born in Cuba in the Oriente province on January 16th 1901.In 1921 he joined the army as a private and in 1932 a sonographer with the rank of sergeant. During a uprising known as the-revolt of the sergeants, Batista took over the government on September the 4th 1933” (sierra).Prerevolutionary Bastia found favor with the us ambassador and Batista was then recognized as the most powerful man in Cuba. Batista liked to run his government using puppet presidents because he could rule from a far. “Batista continued 30 years of corruption and terror to the Cuban nation"(sierra). Later he ran for president and knew he would not…

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