The Cuban Revolution During The 1950 ' S Essay

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Reinaldo Arenas:
An Analysis of “Goodbye Mother” The Cuban Revolution during the 1950’s was a time of turmoil and quarrel. According to the article “Cuban Revolution”, it was a time when rebels- in allegiance with guerrilla leaders, Fidel and Raul Castro -riot against their current dictator Fulgencio Batista. Though people believed in their savior, Fidel Castro; they are eventually betrayed as Castro establishes himself “… as the sole political power within Cuba”(“Cuban Revolution”). Well-known Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas ' is (as stated by R. Ocasio in his article "Becoming Reinaldo Arenas") very much affected and persecuted by Castro 's new regime. For he is a homosexual living in a country with strong homophobic regulations. As a means of expressing his emotional distress, Arenas wrote stories and novels (Ocasio). In Reinaldo Arenas graphic short narrative, “Goodbye Mother", Arenas was able to, symbolically, convey his contradictory feelings in relation to his beloved country, and it’s unethical government. Reinaldo Arenas’ love for Cuba is metaphorically illustrated throughout the story. He allows the readers to imagine that his “mother” has died, when in reality, the narrator’s mother is a symbolic representation of his once beloved country. For instance, he demonstrates his love for his "mother" when he melancholically recalls how his mother gathered him and his siblings together at Christmas time or other traditional activities (Arenas 315). That is to…

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