The Cuban Missile Crisis Of 1962 Essay

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

To what extent was the Cuban Missile caused by the United States, The USSR and Cuba. Evaluate the role of Fidel Castro in this conflict.
The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, a vastly intensified 13 day nuclear conflict arising in the midst of the Cold War, shaping the history and leadership roles of the Americans, Soviets, and Cubans for several decades to come. This conflict gave rise to a renewed stance on international negotiations and diplomacy with these nations and their political leaders under the global spotlight for the entire process. The Cuban Missile Crisis in essence was a tense political and militaristic standoff between Soviet and American leaders triggered by the installation of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles on Cuba, a mere 150km from American shores. The past decades have seen numerous historians’ debate over who was the key blame for the Crisis, however no definitive answer has been arrived at and similarly with the role that Fidel Castro played.
Before stating who was more to blame for the crisis and the role in which Fidel Castro played, it is essential to understand what the crisis actually concerns. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the very climax of the Cold War. A mere fifty three years ago the United States of America and the USSR drew nearer to a global apocalypse than the world has ever seen before. The October of 1962 saw the current President of the United States President John F. Kennedy being notified of a U-2 spy-plane’s…

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