The Cuban Educational Success Is Not A Miracle Or An Accident

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For the past forty years, education has been a top priority for the Cuban government (Lopez, 2011). The facts of a relatively poor economy and a long-term continuous blockade on trade makes the Cubans ' educational achievements more impressive. Cuba maintains twice the amount of public spending on education as its wealthier neighbors and shows how important education is by keeping a student to teacher ratio of 12 to 1 (Lopez, 2011). Equal opportunity for a high quality education for all students is one of the key factors that explains that the Cuban educational success is not a miracle or an accident, but the result of many years of concentrated efforts and commitments, by the government to its people (Lopez, 2011). The Government does not permit religious education in public schools nor the operation of private primary and secondary schools of any kind, although several international schools in Havana are given considerable leeway in setting their curriculums (Cuba, 2009). With a literacy rate of 99.7% and the majority of students completing their standard education in grades 1-9 by the age of 15, it is proven that the education system is an important part of their country (Classbase, 2012).
Now that some travel and business restrictions have been lifted around Cuba, a big concern is the capability for communication from country to country. Almost everyone in the United States has a mobile phone but there is only a small chance that it will…

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