Essay about The Csi Ź? Law And Order, And Criminal Minds

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After reading the title of this essay, a name maybe even a few popped right into your head. Let’s be frank here, no matter how accepting and people loving you are there is at least that one person who drives you crazy. There is always that one person in our daily lives, who no matter what, just spews negativity around and can just be plain mean and nasty. No matter how straight laced a person you are, you’ve probably had some not so great thoughts cross through your mind. Thoughts may have included: you’ve watched all the CSI¸ Law and Order, and Criminal Minds that you know how to kill that person and make it look like an accident or you wished that something terrible would happen to them. Then after a minute of relishing in your mean thoughts, your good, moral character kicks in and you feel guilty for thinking any of this. When you finally come back to reality a minute or two later, they are of course right there in all their negativity and you just smile and nod while you look for a way out. The world is full of people who are negative, full of themselves, and plain mean. The world is also full of people who are charismatic, giving, and kind. Being human is hard, so how can you, being the charismatic, giving, and kind person, live in harmony with the negative, full of themselves, and plain mean person. This essay will give you some tips and tricks on how to handle people who give you those guilty thoughts so you can live with them in a way that is healthy.
Remember those…

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