The Crusades In Medieval Europe And The Middle Ages

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While there have been many events that have taken place in Medieval Europe such as the fall of the Rome Empire, one of the most famous events to have occurred in the High Middle Ages was one that would bring Western Europe and the Middle East together in a violent religious clash that would become known in Medieval History as the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of religious wars which spanned from 1095-1291, that were fought between the Christian armies of the Europe and the Muslim armies of the Middle East. The reasons for why the Crusades took place stem from many different motives such as to gain control over several important holy areas such as the city Jerusalem in order to protect Christian pilgrims, to military and territorial expansion, …show more content…
When Pope Urban II made the call the overall goal wasn’t to just help the Byzantines but to help all Eastern Christians, and much like Pope Gregory only thought of the going Jerusalem as a secondary goal of the Holy War, as well as only mentioning it as a means to recruit more knights to the cause. What makes this idea more interesting is that some scholars have gone on to argue this idea as they claimed that the religious connotation of the idea of Jerusalem was just to potent to be simply used a means to recruit people to the cause. This would be understandable as making the capture of the holy city did become one of the few unexpected reactions the people had towards the pope’s call for the crusades, as wells as being one of the things he did not expect to occur when he made the call to arms. Also, since there was a strong public opinion developing among the people on making it the goal of the crusades in the months after the making the call, it would understandable for Pope Urban II to take note of it and then change to the goal of the crusades accordingly to go along with the public support of the people. This unexpected reaction while it was surprising for many including Pope Urban, did come to provide some good benefits for the crusading cause, since they expected to receive some support for it, but not to the overwhelm amount that they end up receiving that would also go on to cause even the pope to alter the goals of the crusades

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