The Crusades And The Muslims Essay

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Byzantium and the Muslims
We have all heard about the Crusades, how two main religions went to war against each other in the name of God. But what were the Crusades really about? The Crusades was a time when two religions, Christianity and Islam, went to war against each other. This was a time when tension between the two religions as well as Judaism resulted in eight major Crusades between 1096 and 1291 and even a Children’s Crusade that ended in a catastrophe. According to Pope Urban II, he preached for Christians to go to war against the Muslims in an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land of Israel i.e. Jerusalem which was under Muslim control. Many Jews, Christians and Muslims were slaughtered during the period of the Crusades. It was also during this time that Christians from the West (Roman Empire) and East (Byzantium Empire) had an unstable relationship towards each other even though it was a part of the same Empire. Both were Christian, only the West was Catholic and the East Orthodox.
As a result of the Byzantine Empire losing a substantial amount of territory to the invading Seljuk Turks, Emperor Alexius I sent representatives to Pope Urban II asking for military aid from the West to help attack the advancing Turkish threat even though relations between Christians from the West and East had been intractable. Despite this, Alexius’ request came at a time when the situation had been improving . In November 1095, at the Council of Clermont in southern France, the pope…

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