The Crusades And The Middle East Essay

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Hook - Try to envision an infamous organization that was known for slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Men, women, and children alike. This organization committed hundreds of hate crimes against innocent individuals simply because they shared different moral values and beliefs. I am sure many of you are thinking that “ISIS” fits this description, but the organization that I am talking is Catholic Church in the eleventh century.

In this essay I will be examining the history of the Catholic Church and their involvement in issues in the Middle East. I hope to share my opinion with you, the reader, by using historical evidence, strong synthesis, and a strong sense of understanding. I will try and relate the “Crusades” to the modern day tragedies cause from Middle Eastern hate groups like “ISIL.”

The Crusades were extraordinarily interesting, and lengthy religious battles that lasted from the 11th century all the way to the 13th century. There were seven major crusades and they all involved a variety of different countries and cultures. However, the main two combatants were Western Europe Christians, and many different Islamic denominations. The Christian Crusaders were originally ordered by Pope Urban II to reclaim the holy land of Jerusalem. This was viewed as an incredibly holy task that should not be taken lightly by the Catholic Church. Indulgences were often given as a reward so there was no shortage of volunteers. Also, many Christians would use this…

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