The Crusades Summary

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After watching this documentary, I would say this was an accurate, short summary of the history of the Crusades. This film was written before 9/11 which is why it probably appears to be accurate and less bias compared to ones later produced. What’s conveniently nice about this film compared to others is that it solely focuses on the facts. We can see the actual history for what it is and nothing more. Islam and Christianity are revealed and there are no blind covers. The true nature is revealed as to what motivated both the Muslims and Crusaders to fight to the death in horrific battles in the name of God.
The beginning of the film starts out with a question, “Do you understand me when I listen?”. Listening is a powerful tool according to
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For the West or Christianity, Jerusalem was considered to be the holy city and the center of the world. The prime goal of the crusaders was to take back Jerusalem and the tomb of Jesus. I’m glad the documentary sheds light on this specifically. The initiation started with the Muslims not the Christians.
The term crusade took on two different meanings throughout the centuries. Some looked to the Crusades as holy religious wars and others looked to them as pilgrimages. The documentary explains that this was a contributing factor as to why the Crusaders lost to the Muslims. The first war was led by poor pilgrims and the second by knights. The result is no consistency. People would join the cause and retrieve once they did whatever they needed to do for themselves. Other factors included Muslims being more adaptive and aware of desert conditions, along with knowing how to pack
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Religion is meant to evolve and for most Muslims this thought scares them. Aside from the forbidden rule of questioning, Muslims fear they may offend Allah. I just think to be afraid of your own creator seems as though there is a lack of faith or trust. Religious scholars say Muslims believe that Allah is far away in literal proximity. He does not exist on earth in a spiritual sense. Basically he is not close in the sense Christians believe. There is not that close intimate relationship even though the religion itself is individualized and personalized. These people are living fearful lives because they feel they must live and be models of perfectionism. This perfectionism comes from the belief that they are born without sin. They commit sin along their lives and must try to make up or atone for these sins. The idea that you are not born with sin would leave any religious person thinking that they need to live in extreme

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