Essay about The Cruelty Of Animals Should Not Be Banned

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The cruelty of animals has the whole world in a debate. The question however, is whether or not they have rights like humans. After reading the two writings by Peter Singer and Carl Cohen, I now have a better idea of my view on this widely known controversy. I believe that everything is put on this earth for a reason, even if that reason is to be eaten. In my view, pigs are on this earth to be bacon and sausage. Although this is a harsh view, humans have to fend for themselves and receive protein for nutrition. Although I believe that it is okay to eat animals, I do not believe that cruelty is correct. Treating animals in an inhumane way should not be allowed. Animals do have a right to not be tortured for no reason at all. Animals may have rights, but not as many as a human being. I also believe that it may not be moral to eat meat, but its also not immoral. Peter Singer discusses in his writing that all animals are equal and he believes in the “fundamental principle of equality” (Singer 578). Singer refers to animals as both human and nonhuman. In addition, he says that race and a lack of knowledge in our own species and explains that we do not treat them any different. With this point, Singer states that members that are not a part of “our species does not entitle us to exploit them… other animals are less intelligent than we are does not mean that their interests may be disregarded” (Singer 579). Singer refers to people that value human life over animal life as…

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