Constantine The Great

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ created a spiritual up rise in the early centuries of Rome. Jesus’ teachings were being spread throughout the kingdom by his Apostles and a new religion called “Christianity” was embraced and expanded.
Christians worship one God and believe in a trinity of their God. The concept of a monotheistic religion wasn’t accepted in the pagan Roman Empire. Christian beliefs were insulting to the pagan polytheistic culture. Christians did not have legal rights in the state unless they professed belief and made sacrifices to the pagan Gods. As a result, Christians were persecuted in a penetrating and malicious way.
In 64 AD, Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for the great fire, he initiated, in
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Churches were destroyed and scriptures were burned. It became illegal to turn away from Roman’s pagan beliefs. Christians became martyrs. They were horrifically brutalized, whipped, burned, tied to trees and ripped apart by the limbs. Christians faced more persecution and horrible deaths than ever before.
In 313 AD Christianity as it had been known in the earlier centuries became forever changed. Constantine the Great, born as Flavius Valerius Constantinus became known as a Saint to the Christians when he legalized the Christian faith and ceased their persecutions. He was also known as the first Christian Roman Emperor. What motivated Constantine the Great to legalize Christianity?
In many ways Constantine the Great was similar to other Roman Emperors. He defeated his rivals through battle or through the process of elimination such as assassination. He was considered as powerful and ambitious as any other emperor Rome had known.
Because Constantine’s family history was unique, in the fact that he was born of a Roman Emperor, who refused to persecute the Christians, and a Christian mother, his philosophy and values were fundamentally different from previous Roman Emperors. Significant events unfolded during Constantine’s rule defining the differences he had from previous
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He was prideful and bragged about his dreams at first. As a result of his pride, Joseph’s brothers took him into a field and left him for dead. Joseph escaped death through the help of his youngest brother and was sold into slavery, instead. Ultimately, Joseph was imprisoned, then released to become the Pharaohs right hand man during a great time of famine. Joseph’s life taught Christians that by remaining faithful to God during trials and tribulations, he was redeemed and restored to a higher elevation than before.
There was also David, known as the man after God’s own heart. He was a psalmist, a musician, and a worshipper. Highly favored, David was a young teenager when he slayed the Philistine giant, Goliath, with a sling and a rock sparing the Israelites from war. David was a great figure in history, but he had an affair with Bathsheba. David put her husband to death and covered it up for almost a year. An adulterer and a murderer, he

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