The Crucible Theme(S) Analysis Essay

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Jamie Davis
Professor Forest
English 2030- 81
12/ 02/ 2011

Hysteria and Suffering
Jumping to conclusions, bad assumptions, and false information can cause much hysteria within a society. This can be surely bad if you are dealing with people who are hypochondriacs. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller displays how hysteria is used to cover the truth, but can cause suffering for many of those who are innocent. The play strongly illustrates the hysteria that brushed through Salem because of the fear that Satan had haunted the town. When you have an entire society in an uproar it is usually because of false information being spread and people who are just reacting without thinking about what could possibly be happening. There are some people
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It is not until the town's most well-known and upstanding citizens begin to get accused of practicing witchcraft, that people begin to doubt the trial. There was a theocracy in Salem, those who went against the government were going against God, and those who went against God should be punished accordingly. For example, when John Proctor, Giles Corey, and others spoke out about the trials, they were not just being accused of going against the court; they were being accused of going against God. Therefore, the people of Salem had to be completely faithful to the theocratic government or he or she would be a candidate for a witchcraft accusation.
This large scale hysteria has caused wide spread fear throughout the community which in return the people did not use their better judgment and logic. The oddest coincidences and lies got innocent people accused of witchcraft. It is one of Miller’s main characters (Reverend John Hale) who supposedly finds witchcraft in Salem, but he never shows any real proof of the devil being there. That should have raised some eyebrows with the people. The people of Salem should have questioned his qualifications before putting innocent people on trial and condemning most of them.
John Proctor, the story’s, protagonist, is one of the people who suffer from the so called witchcraft outbreak. At first, Proctor wanted to avoid his involvement since the very beginning of the play. He is one of the few who knows that the devil being

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