The Crucible Reverend Hale Character Analysis

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The Crucible the author Arthur Miller made a every significant change in the character of Reverend Hale. Reverend Hale was introduced to the play to convict people of being witches. As the story progresses, Reverend Hale begins to change into someone else. Reverend Hale shows great abundance of change so that he could possibly help the people of Salem. Then finally Reverend Hale at the end, he was trying to save the people that were falsely being convicted of being a witch. In the beginning, Reverend Hale is introduced because the people of the town ,Salem, thought that there were two children that were witches. When Hale entered the town, he was carrying heavy books that was used for determining if one is possessed by a demon or a witch. …show more content…
As the end the story comes Reverend Hale realizes not believe the the girls that were dancing in the woods and that they have never been telling the truth all this time. When he does believe them he wants the women and men that have been convicted of being a witch to have a lawyer. Before they were convicted Reverend Hale tries to stop all the convictions by saying “Woman, plead with him! Woman! It is pride, it is vanity. Be his helper!- What profit him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare his truth? Go to him, take his shame away!” (Miller 208), which means that he does not want anymore convictions to happen. So as the story closes Reverend Hale makes his full change into trying to save the people that were being accused of witches. Throughout this story one would see a major change in Reverend Hale. As Reverend Hale was in the beginning from trying to convict witches. Then how he was in the middle of the story because of all of the influences. Then finally in the end he was trying to save the people of Salem that were being convicted. So overall Reverend Hale was trying to do the right thing by saying that the girls that were dancing in the woods while being naked was lying about seeing all the women of

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