The Crucible By The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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During the Salem Witch Trials, there was a time of hysteria; everyone was accusing everyone, and no one could defend themselves. What the accusers didn’t realize, was that they all had a common motive behind their accusations, and that was power. The power in a Puritan society was only given to specific people, but by making accusations, it could be gained. However, this wasn’t just specific to this time period, because throughout different time periods, power has always come with status, and no matter a person’s position in society, status wants to be gained. In The Crucible, the struggle for power is made evident through the characters and their subliminal actions during the witch trials, which reveals that power is held within the church, owning materialistic items, and through gender. This constant battle follows the notion that, “oppression exists in the political subconscious of a society,” because no one apprehends how society is organized, and nobody second guesses it. The rise to power was effortless for some people, but for others it was a constant battle. As mentioned above, status is the most important quality in society, even if the characters don’t necessarily realize it, which is the case for Parris, a leader of the Christian faith. When faced with the threat of losing his status in society, because of his niece’s involvement in witchcraft, his first concern is the “compromise” of his character, and that his enemies will ruin him. With this in mind, he…

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