The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The Crucible, is a very historically accurate story and is one of Arthur Miller best works. It is a timeless classic and was a pleasure to read. The book has been a top seller for many years, and still continues to be a timeless classic. It is full of history and connections to the world we live in today. The characters seem so real and are developed very well. The crucible, is full of historical, realistic and relatable situations that help move the plot forward.

The plot of this story is full of paranoia and accusations. Reverend Parris daughter suddenly goes limp and Parris believes witchcraft is the cause. This is a very religious time period, they do not have scientific explanations yet. Parris is the only one looking for natural causes. For example, “ A wide opinion’s running in the parish that the devil may be among us, and I would satisfy them that they are wrong**. Parris worst fear is word of this spreading, so Parris really only cares for his reputation. Many other people’s daughter’s are being accused of witchcraft as well, people often making up sightings of witchcraft. For example, Mr. Putnam seeing Parris’ daughter flying over a barn. The insane time period is a perfect backdrop for paranoia and witchcraft. An textual Example is “ There be children dyin’ in the village mister!** Were any of these girls actually possessed? No, but the fear of them caused many people to be executed for no reason. If scientific thought came into play,…

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