The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay examples

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Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a play that focuses on several major themes, one of which being the idea of how thoughts and ideas can become a weapon against others. This idea develops throughout Acts I and II, emerging through the characters within the play. One such character who uses ideas as a weapon happens to be Ann Putnam. Throughout Act I, Mrs. Putnam is a grief stricken mother as her only surviving child has been “bewitched”. By using the idea of witchery and the devil, Mrs. Putnam puts the blame of the death of her children onto others. While explaining why she let Ruth seek Tituba to conjure the dead, she states to Parris, “they were murdered, Mr. Parris! And mark this proof! Mark It! Last night my Ruth were ever so close to their little spirits; I know it sir. For how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness would stop her mouth?” (1.16). The audience clearly sees how Mrs. Putnam puts the blame of her misfortunes on others, using the idea of witchcraft to accuse people who may work with devil. However, she is not the only character who uses the idea of witchcraft against others; Abigail Williams uses this idea of witchcraft in order to get what she wants. By stating that she saw the devil, she uses the vulnerable minds of the townspeople to accuse her enemies for witchcraft. Her primary target, Elizabeth Proctor, is one such person she accuses. When Proctor visits her after learning that his wife is accused, she tells him, “why, look at my leg.…

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