The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

1868 Words Nov 8th, 2015 8 Pages
The Salem witch trials was a series of trials held in Salem, Massachusetts around the time of 1692 where twenty people were hanged for practicing witchcraft and mass hysteria was amongst the townspeople of Salem. The Crucible by Arthur Miller goes a step further and creates a play set in Salem during this time period. Chaos is loose among the townspeople, the court is not properly doing the job of acting as a fair judicial system. In the play during the mass hysteria, three people by the names of John Proctor, Francis Nurse, and Giles Corey try to go to court in order to release their wives from captivity. However, the men fail as the fear in the community and court which allows for people to look out for just themselves and no one else and creating a division between people, the nature of the court is unjust which creates an environment where it is almost physically impossible to release the accuser unless they claim they perform acts of witchcraft, and lastly personal vendettas amongst the townspeople which allows ruining the defense of these three men by creating an environment which supports the broken judicial system and allows for unlawful verdicts to present. To begin, the fear in the community and court condones for the failure of the defense to occur as the townspeople are not banding together and look out for themselves instead of as a group. Reverend John Hale, the pastor from another town knows how fair and lawful Rebecca Nurse is, showing that the townspeople…

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