Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Writer, Arthur Miller, in his play, The Crucible, recounts the struggles of a town obsessed with uncovering “witches”. Miller’s purpose is to detail the flawed processes often used to determined one’s guiltiness as a witch, as well as to provide a fictional description of the witch trials. He adopts a mysterious, solemn, serious tone in order to cause self reflection and remorse for wrongdoing in his readers and actors. Writer, Jonathan Edwards, in his sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, details the beliefs of religions at the time involving going to heaven or hell. He adopts a serious, harsh tone in order to frighten and influence his audience of church goers and other religious members. The main theme Miller uses throughout The Crucible is that integrity and reputation are important aspects of human life, and that some people will go to great lengths to protect theirs. Edwards mirrors this theme in his writing as he describes the beliefs that the Puritans had during the time of the witch trials.

Miller begins his play by immediately introducing conflict in the form of the seemingly dead Betty, “Betty. Child. Dear child. Will you wake, will you open your eyes! Betty, little one…” (Miller 8). Miller uses frequent breaks in his play as an opportunity to provide the reader with facts, sometimes about characters the play, “Proctor was a farmer in his mid thirties.” (Miller 20), and sometimes about witch trials or religion in general: “The Catholic Church, through…

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