The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essays

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“Sacrifice per se does not help or harm relationships, but that the goals that people pursue when they give up their own interests for a partner can powerfully shape the quality of intimate bonds” (Impett et al., pg. 11). Sacrifice is an important part of any relationship whether it is between individuals or an individual and the community that person belongs to. In “The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a play that chronicles the events of the Salem Witch Trials, the characters are familiar with sacrificing portions of their life. However, these sacrifices were given more importance due to their connection to the trials. The characters of “The Crucible” made various principle and social based sacrifices; some of the sacrifices made were driven by personal desires while others were driven by a need to help the community. Throughout the play, Abigail Williams is driven by her need to enact revenge on Elizabeth Proctor. This need for revenge is largely driven by her love for John Proctor and her desire to have him as her own. Revenge is an animal instinct, learned and perfected by human beings in the direst circumstances. It is a tactic often utilized by the strongest in a group to claim territory by any means necessary with deadly consequences (Bloom, pg. 4). By taking revenge on E. Proctor, Williams is sacrificing her relationship with the town’s people and, despite her wishes, her relationship with J. Proctor. While she feels that her decisions are reasonable, Williams fails to…

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