The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The Crucible, by Arthur Miller provides a provoking story of how a young orphan by the name of Abigail Williams, uses her skills at manipulation and leadership to control a group of girls into falsely accusing many innocent people of witchcraft. This leads to the arrest and deaths of many people living in the village of Salem, Massachusetts. Abigail especially accuses the wife of John Proctor; a man she prior has a sexual affair with. Out of spite Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft in hopes of reflourishing the relationship between John Proctor and her. Abigail uses the help of the girls to credit her accusations and gain influence over the court officials in their decision making on these accusations. Salem’s oppressive society against women, assumes the girls to inhibit submissive traits, until the dynamics of girls in groups allows the girls to gain a sense of power and eventually bring hysteria upon the village. Abigail being able to successfully manipulate the girls into executing the accusations helped them as a whole gain power over the adults. After the girls rise to power they were seen as prophets to the townspeople. Everything they said was considered to be the truth. Kai Erickson observes in The Witches of Salem Village: The Writer 's Presence A Pool of Reading, “.. in the eyes of the community they were diviners, prophets, oracles, mediums, for only they could see the terrible spectres swarming over the countryside and tell what persons…

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