The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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In sessions 1-6 we explored The Crucible by Arthur Miller and utilised drama mediums, strategies and elements to expand our understanding of the characters’ mentality, motives and background whilst giving us deeper insight on the prominent themes of guilt, witchcraft, empowerment, reputation, ulterior motives, deceit etc.

In session one, we played the blame and shame game where you’re either accused of being a witch or choosing to accuse another. To have the power to blame and shame felt empowering in a psychological sense because in that particular moment , you have the power to decide the fate of someone else even if it 's for the next few minutes, moments or for the rest of their lives in an extreme situation providing a slight emotional authority.

We explored the theme of guilt and the consequences of individual choices by devising a scene where a puritan family was scene to break on of the God’s law’s. The purpose of my group’s performance was to present how there can be immediate/ripple effect on the whole family when one breaks God’s law: we used cross-cutting to depict this and it was effective because it communicated to our audience how suddenly it happens. A father uses violence against the mother as a result of his anger and the children were influenced as they copied with one another. This shows us how even though an individual thinks their decision solely affects them but it does not. This correlates Tituba’s and Abigail’s need to lie as a result of fear and…

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