The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The Crucible, a historical fiction play written by Arthur Miller, focusses on the horrific Salem Witch Trials that ran rampage in 1692. The disastrous events which took place shattered the Puritan society, and destroyed many of the religious values that the Puritans hold so dear. Even though this play was written in 1953, Arthur Miller includes many stylistic devices to give the play an authentic feel. Miller uses a plethora of these devices in order to make readers feel as if they are actually in the 1690s, however, the most prominent devices are syntax and diction, and biblical allusions. The syntax and diction that Arthur Miller uses in The Crucible tricks readers into thinking that they are actually reading a piece from the 1600s. In the beginning of the play Reverend Samuel Parris, Salem’s new priest declares, “And what shall I say to them? That my daughter and my niece I discover dancing like heathen in the forest?” (Miller 10). Reverend Parris is a very important figure in the town of Salem. As reverend of the town, Parris is looked up to by many people in the town. Parris is expected to be a good speaker because of his status and Miller represents this precisely through his writing. Because Parris is a Harvard graduate, Miller makes him have a much better vocabulary then most people in Salem. This diction that Miller includes in his writing portrays Parris as the educated man he is, and makes the play even more believable to readers. Miller also includes many…

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