The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Trust worthy villain
The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play heavily based on the hysteria of the Salem witch hunt trials that occurred in Salem Massachusetts approximately in the 1690’s. In the real life Salem witch trials a group of girls Abigail Williams being one of them began to practice magic with their slave Tituba. They suffered physical ailments and due to a lack of technology and no obvious cause for the girls to be sick the doctor diagnosed this to be the result of witch craft as many did (blame) witch craft for the inexplicable. Finger pointing begins and after Abigail and Betty Paris among other girls who had originally participated in the practice of witch craft finish accusing a number of people and cause others in the community to do the same about 156 people are accused of being witches and many of those were hanged. The hysteria was in the core the cause of the communities fear of events going on at the time and the unknown being exploited or brought to their attention and blown out of proportion by one who is seemingly very trust worthy. The power of one person to create hysteria comes from a person being a seeming trustworthy one and who brings a communities fears into focus to attack a target that likely has less power, people will be willing to go along with the claims or accusations if they share this fear or are otherwise in some way forced to do so through some other motivation which contributes to the cause.
Trust worthy people are usually now a…

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