Essay on The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Crucible Analysis
“The Crucible”, by Arthur Miller is a play written about a time period where religion dominated society; the story took place during a period of time where a scare of witches took place. The play which seems to be pointing out an event that occurred long after his time (around the 1950s), actually relates to the current day events in his life and even relates to our current time period. In his essay on why he wrote “The Crucible,” Miller writes a play relating to his current life event to an audience of mainly American citizens dealing with the corrupt court system in place. Arthur Miller’s play which seems like a simple story about the Salem Witchcraft Trials highlighted the deep rifts of society. Miller wrote the play to talk about when he was living in a time in American when fear and political corruption surfaced from the threat of communism; he wrote it in an “act of desperation” according to his essay. The way he expressed himself in this play was a dramatic tone but it helped strengthen the point he wanted to convey. The Salem Witchcraft trials and the Red Scare of the 1900s were approximately three-hundred years apart and yet, there were still many problems that carried on to his time period. Miller argues about ignorance of society or in other words moral superiority. During Miller’s lifetime, he experienced something similar as he watched President Truman and high-level officials in power removing people and convicting them of communism in…

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