The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Standing up for what a person believes in is a matter of life or death. It can determine how strong or how weak an individual is. It can also determine how they will be remembered, or how their lives will carry on. In Arthur Miller’s drama The Crucible, this is exactly the case with a man named John Proctor. This story goes back to the time of the Salem witch trials, where telling the truth was rare, and accusing innocent people was at an all time high. John Proctor happened to get in the middle of all this drama and eventually was accused of witchcraft. He tried to tell the court he was innocent and they wanted to believe him, but they wanted to keep their reputation more. So they weren 't going to just let him off the hook. They told John that if he wanted to keep his life, all he would need to do was sign a document and have his name posted on the church. John refused to sign his name and the court had no choice but to hang him with multiple other accused people. John proctor made the right decision in keeping his innocence and being hanged, because he died for what he believed in, if he chose to live he would have to live the rest of his life with shame, and if he chose to live he also would not set a good example for his sons. To continue, John Proctor died for what he believed in. The reason John was brought into this was because he was accused of compacting with the Devil. John knew that he hadn’t compacted with the Devil, but his word meant almost nothing. As…

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