The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses the first scene to help the reader understand what exactly will be happening in the rest of the drama. I believe that Miller wants the reader to get a sense of how the time period was back in the 1600’s in Salem which has been famously known as the Salem Witch Trials. In the beginning scene, Arthur introduces us to many important characters that play a huge role throughout the rest of the drama. The first scene’s function throughout the whole play gives the reader the sense of the religiousness in the town, the sense of empowerment, and hysteria that occur throughout the characters. At the beginning of the play, Arthur begins to explain the background of things. He basically sets the scenery and the mood for us. As I read I could feel how the town had a very religious feel: “Reverend Parris is discovered kneeling be-side the bed, evidently in prayer...” (3). “They did not celebrate Christmas, and a holiday from work meant only that they must concentrate even more upon prayer.” (4).
We can see that their religion does not allow them to celebrate Christmas. I find this ironic, only because Christmas is the day that Jesús Christ was born. In Act 1, scene 1, we see how Parris is kneeling down praying. We are presented with prior information of why he would be kneeling and why his daughter is in bed in a coma-like state. We were also informed how religious the people in the town are, but not how they react to…

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