The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller was a play that was written in 1953, and had a strange 4 act structure. Contrary to the original 3 or 5 act structures. Originally, Aelius Donatus said that there had to be a beginning, middle, and end to a play (Protasis, Epitasis, and Catastrophe). Later, the Romans developed the 5 act play that had: A starting point, rising actions, the climax, falling actions, and the resolution. The 5 act play was commonly and popularly used by Shakespeare. The Crucible, although a 4 act play, has the main outline and characteristics of a 5 act structure. Act one in the five act structure is the exposition which introduces the setting, the different characters, and where the conflict is introduces. In The Crucible introduces that the play will take place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692. The first people that are introduced are Abigail Parris, Reverend Parris, Betty Parris, Putnam, and Tituba. The plot and conflict of the play is that hysteria of witches have engulfed the town. This is obviously apparent when Reverend Parris says, “I’ll lead them in a psalm, but let you say nothing of witchcraft yet. I will not discuss it. The cause is yet unknown. I have had enough contention since I came; I want no more.” This is because there is already a crown surrounding his house, and talking rumors that Betty is witched, and that there is a witch problem in the quaint town. Act two of the five act structure is when the rising actions begin. These actions…

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