The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, Reverend Hale, a specialist on witchcraft from Beverly, enters the colony of Salem, Massachusetts. He was summoned here by Reverend Parris to ascertain the presence of witchcraft in his home. Considering himself to be in league with the best minds in Europe, Hale immediately examines Parris’s daughter Betty and interrogates Parris’s niece Abigail and slave Tituba. His interrogation causes Tituba and Abigail to ‘confess’ to witchery and accuse others of the same crime. Despite Hale’s good intentions, he, unintentionally, sets the hysteria of the witch trials with his arrival and actions. Hale is an intellectual whose critical mind and keen observations helped prevent him from being swept away by the hysteria; he is a dynamic character who sacrifices his core beliefs of religion and law for his own moral principles. Hale is a passionate minister of the Lord who came to do good for the colony of Salem. Bringing with him heavy books “weighted with authority,” he is eager to finally put his skills to the test and is confident that he can discover the truth of the illness that ails Betty (34). While the Putnams immediately jumped to the conclusion of witchcraft, Hale declared that they “cannot look to superstition” and that they need to be open to other causes (35). Through this statement, Hale exhibits himself as a fair and righteous investigator. As a highly educated and logical individual, he bases his conclusions on the evidences he…

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