Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Playwrights often utilize various tools and tactics to enhance the emotions they weave within their work. With this in mind, playwright Arthur Miller portrays how paranoia is achieved and the effects of such panic throughout The Crucible using specific stage directions, a tension-building environment, and a carefully crafted dialogue.
The dialogue Arthur Miller chooses for the characters creates a frenetic atmosphere. Miller demonstrates the tactical dialogue towards the end of the play, when Mary Warren becomes overwrought with the girls’ lies and eventually confesses the truth to John Proctor. Her act of confession brings everyone to the church where the girls are separated to intensify the distance that has grown during the story. Humiliated, Abigail quickly begins to shout towards the “yellow bird” and creates a diversion by asking, “Why do you come, yellow bird?” (114). The conversation between the “bird” and Abigail portrays Abigail deliriously and her speaking directly to the “yellow bird” heightens the intensity of the situation. She self-righteously claims that the “bird” is Mary Warren’s soul attempting to get “[her] face” and immediately the girls begin to mimic one another to frighten their audiences, Danforth and Parris (114). “Abby you mustn’t! Abby you mustn’t! I’m here, I’m here! I’m here! I 'm here” (115)! This fuels Mary with fear and exhaustion, resulting in her pointing to John Proctor and yelling, “I’ll not hang with you. I love God. I love God” (118).…

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