The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Usually when people get power too quickly they end up forgetting what they really wanted and instead do whatever benefits them without thinking of the consequences that can occur. Later on, they may sometimes realize that what they did was wrong and they did what they did because they were powerful and “felt” like they could do whatever they wanted. This is exactly what happened to Abigail during The Crucible by Arthur Miller, she had her heart set on winning John Proctor’s love by getting rid of Goody Proctor in the beginning of the play, but when everyone started to support her in her mission to get “rid” of the “witches” in Salem she started to become a corrupt individual. She then threw away her original idea of getting rid of Goody Proctor and instead came up with a whole new idea of not just accusing Goody Proctor of witchery but to accuse anyone whom she disliked or got in her way of being a “well known” hero in Salem by saving “everyone” in town from witches. In the play Abigail becomes corrupt due to the large amount of power given to her too quickly to “save” the village of witchcraft. She then uses this to do whatever it takes to get John Proctor’s love which is why she takes it too far. During the beginning of the play Abigail’s first starts her descent into corruption by focusing on how to get John Proctor to love her like he did when he had an affair with her. She then comes up with a plan to win John’s heart back and it involves witchery, but she does not…

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