The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Death, witchcraft, lies, and sin are all issues in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and through it all one man still finds his way into sympathy. This play takes place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692, and it starts with Betty found sick with an unnatural cause. Girls of Salem start to plead witchcraft was involved and all the adults agree with them even though all they speak are lies. The town now in panic get a Judge to help find the guilty, and a Reverend to look for signs of witchcraft. Mr. Hale being this Reverend was known as a very intellectual person in town and was sought to find truth in what these girls were saying. Hale was only trying to make things right in Salem but ended up falling for the girls actions, however he was still trying to be helpful even knowing that Abigail and the girls false accusations were all lies. Through the play Reverend Hale was seen as a very caring and open minded individual, and always out ready to help others with their sins. Some may say that Hale was just as bad as Abigail in that he was trying to get people to lie in order to save their lives but in all it would ruin the accused reputations. Hale was much a believer in John Proctor, and when he was on death row Hale said “Woman, plead with him” (4.773) to Elizabeth with the hopes she would try and save his name to get him off the noose. As he then says “Go to him, take his shame away” (4.773). Hale tries everything to get Elizabeth to lie and save her husband. Even though…

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